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Rapid Response Auto Extrication for Modern Vehicles

This action-packed course includes the following: Scene Size-Up / Scene Safety Team Tasks utilizing team leader concept Late Model Airbag Systems – hazards and demonstration of reach and effect as we set them off during our course.


Real World Rapid Extrication with Advanced Patient Care  

Classroom will cover new vehicle construction along with SRS systems. Practical’s will involve techniques on modern vehicles to further develop and hone the students’ skills, all scenarios are set up to challenge the rescuers. 


Rapid Auto Extrication

This is a great class for those with experience. 

8 hour is all practical, 12 hour has 4 hours of classroom. 

Classroom – SRS systems, Hybrid/EV vehicle shut down, Battery access locations, New hard vehicle construction/technology update. 

Practical’s – 3 Minute Drills. Vehicle movement. Creating livable space for your patients. Extrication when your patient is taking their last breath.


Lithium-Ion Battery Emergencies Awareness

3-4 Hour classroom presentation on battery powered devices and their impact on emergency services. This class covers a large variety of rechargeable devices and the unique challenges they present. From Watches to Large Energy Storage systems. 


Hybrid- EV and Alternative fueled vehicle response 2024 and beyond

Classroom session covers a street-smart approach for responding to Modern vehicle emergencies. All forms of vehicle propulsion systems are covered in detail. From traditional internal combustion vehicles to Hybrid/EV, Hydrogen, CNG, micro-mobility devices, Busses and Construction Equipment.


High Voltage and Hybrid Vehicle Firefighting

2-3 Hours of classroom followed by 8 hours of practicals covering all hazards of EV and hybrid vehicles when on fire.


High Voltage & Hard Card Rescue Response

This webinar class is an introduction to High Voltage Electric Vehicles or EV, covering construction and hazards to look for when performing extrication. We also cover operations in the case of a fire in an EV and how to handle the hazards that come with High Voltage firefighting. The class is ended with overview of basic extrication tactics as well as review of the construction of new “Hard Cars” along with various case studies to engage the students in discussion on various tactics.

New Vehicle Technology

4-8 Hours 

Classroom/ practicals tailored to any department’s needs, lessons covering the new technology and materials used in today’s modern vehicles.


Vehicle Rescue 101 – Awareness and Operation Level

16 Hours

Vehicle Rescue covering; construction, technology, SRS systems, cribbing, stabilization, and basic lifting/rescue airbags. Covers hand tools and hydraulic rescue tool integration, 

6 hrs practical, 2 hrs equipment review and how to use/assemble session, 8 hrs practical.


Vehicle Rescue 102 – Technician Level

24 Hours

Advanced vehicle construction, Hybrid, EV systems, Alternative fuels, Heavy lifting, and Stabilization. 

8hrs classroom 16hrs practical


Challenge Course for the Real World

2-8 Hours

Scenarios set up to challenge your rescue teams or for competition at conferences or events. 


Introduction to Heavy Vehicle Rescue

12-16 Hours 

4-8hrs classroom and 8-12hrs Practical depending on host agencies needs and which modules are covered. Introduction to rescue and extrication of buses, cement trucks, trash trucks and semi-trucks.


Interstate Transport Vehicle Emergencies


Covers commercial transport vehicles vs passenger vehicles in 8 hours all practical class.

We specialize in designing classes for your needs

All our courses are modulized and can be offered in various length of Classroom and Practical sessions tailored for your individual agency.

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